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Four papers from our group got accepted at ICRA 2017

Four papers from our group on machine learning in robotics got accepted at ICRA 2017. Preprints and videos are found on our Publications page. Contact us if you have questions!

The four papers are:

  • Learning multi-modal models for robot dynamics with a mixture of Gaussian process
    C. D. McKinnon and A. P. Schoellig
  • High-precision trajectory tracking in changing environments through L1 adaptive feedback and iterative learning
    K. Pereida, R. R. P. R. Duivenvoorden, and A. P. Schoellig
  • Deep neural networks for improved impromptu trajectory tracking of quadrotors
    Q. Li, J. Qian, Z. Zhu, X. Bao, M. K. Helwa, and A. P. Schoellig
  • Trading off information and costs: reinforcement learning from simulations and experiments with Bayesian optimization
    A. Marco, F. Berkenkamp, P. Hennig, A. P. Schoellig, A. Krause, S. Schaal, and S. Trimpe
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies