ROB310 Mathematics for Robotics – Fall 2015

Semester: Fall 2015
Period: First class: September 10, 2015
Last class: December 9, 2015
Lecturer: Prof. Angela Schoellig
Assistants: TBD.  If you have questions right now, send an email to Prof. Schoellig 
Lecture: Two 2-hour slots. Days/times TBD.
Office hours: On demand.
Description: The course addresses advanced mathematical concepts that are particularly relevant for robotics. The mathematical tools covered in this course are fundamental for understanding, analyzing, and designing robotics algorithms that solve tasks such as robot path planning, robot vision, robot control, and robot learning. Topics include complex analysis, optimization techniques, signals and filtering, advanced probability theory, and numerical methods. Concepts will be studied in a mathematically rigorous way but will be motivated by robotics examples.
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Book: TBD
Software: We use Matlab/Simulink for labs and exercises. Matlab/Simulink is available to students through ECF.
Prerequisites: Engineering Mathematics and Computation (e.g. ESC103H1), Linear Algebra (e.g. MAT185H1), Probability and Statistics (e.g. STA286H1), and Advanced Calculus (e.g. MAT292H1).



01-05-2015 Prof. Angela Schoellig will be teaching ROB310 Mathematics for Robotics in Fall 2015.


University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies